Content Management System

Content Management System

The brief

Create an clean intuitive interface for building extensible websites with minimal technical knowledge. 2 Step authentication. Able to install different design templates. Able to install packages and packages that use API micro services.


Using the Laravel Framework as the base for building the system we found that the database structure would be key to making this project run smoothly. Laravel gives a great basis for designing packages that can be installed as and when needed.

We decided to use AJAX, javascript, TinyMCE and CSS to create an interface for creating web pages. For the front end we aslo wanted implement a way to swap design templates as easily as possible.

The product

An easy to install and set up CMS. Easy to create new pages and build navigation. Straight forward way of integrating new design templates.


I expect this will be ongoing forever. I'ts not something that can ever be finished as the user interface will constantly need upgrading to suit user expectations.

To do: Add an installation script. Develop the create page interface with smoother javascript and CSS. Standarize the package installation and use. Build the "tagging" feature.