Micro Services

Micro Services

The Brief

We have a need to move away from monolithic systems creation because they are becoming harder to maintain and evolve. So we want to break our systems down into smaller, more managable parts that can be maintained and evolved independently. Therefore any "larger" system will be built from smaller independently managed parts or components.

We are looking to keep accounting records, business documents and product data in a remote location with remote access, storage and backup.

The considerations

Access to the services are through apps that have access to the micro services. People who have need to access are employees, suppliers and the customers/clients.

We need to use a light-weight framework to write and deploy services quickly, so we chose Lumen for this.

The product

Set up webservers with the sole purpose of hosting API's / Micro Services.


2 Servers have been set up with 3 micro services active

To do: Complete a long list of builds